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#UKEdChat session 471 Drawings, painting and photos have the ability to move us. From a masterpiece from yesteryear to the barely decipherable scribbled of your child’s first portrait of you, an image can make the viewer laugh, cry, harden or change options, and even contribute to the way we vote. The use of images in our classroom needs to go beyond “now draw me a nice picture” when completing a piece of writing.

In this #UKEdChat discussion, we will discuss how teachers choose images, knowledge of copyright and credit, how to develop pupils own skills when using images, and the mistakes educators can make when publishing pupils’ images online.


  1. Do images play a big part in your teaching? If so, how?
  2. Where do you source your images to use in class, and do you consider copyright and crediting creators when using these materials?
  3. What kinds of images do your pupils create in class and how do these support their learning?
  4. How can images be used to evidence learning and create and record of work?
  5. What are the considerations when posting images from your class online?
  6. Do you think that the proliferation of photo-based social media has changed the way images are used and regarded in schools?
  7. With ‘photoshopping’ and now deep fakes making altered images ever more convincing, how can we help pupils to discover what is true?
  8. How can teachers ensure that images used in class do not enforce biases and stereotypes?

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