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#UKEdChat session 473 – We would all like to think that we are rational beings who follow evidence about what works, both professionally and in life. Yet, there are many sources for what we consider ‘works’. There are our observations about what strategies move our pupils forward well in our individual classrooms, and there is a body of ever-renewing research from academia which suggests which methods might yield the best results for learning. But what if there is a gap between what is observed in the classroom and in the research?

In this #UKEdChat session, we will discuss where to find educational research, how teachers can interpret it and use research in their classrooms, and how to conduct your own research to see what is happening in granular detail.


  1. Do you feel that your classroom practice is research-led?
  2. What is your main source of educational research?
  3. What are the pros and cons of getting research directly from academic papers versus research filtered by other publications?
  4. Ideally, what role should senior leaders have in implementing research into classrooms?
  5. How can teachers be sure that a study is rigorous and that research findings are applicable to their particular classroom/situation?
  6. Can you cite examples of when research has and has not made an input on learning when you have tried it?
  7. How can the pupils play a role in educational research and implementing research findings into their learning?
  8. Have you ever conducted research in your own class? If not, what would you like to study if you did?

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