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#UKEdChat session 475 – There are many different levels of volunteering in our schools, from the legions of parents and other members of the community who help schools in myriad ways, to Governors support the running of our schools, to the PTA and fundraisers who provide support and funds that ultimately has a positive impact on learning and the school culture. Hundred of thousands of hours are given for free to improve the running of schools and the learning of pupils every year.

Yet the relationships between schools and volunteers can be complex, and while this support is desperately needed, managing and deploying volunteers effectively can cause additional issues which schools need to think about.

In this #UKEdChat discussion, we explored how to make volunteering rewarding for everyone, how to encourage volunteers, as well as asking what makes pupils volunteer in class.

  1. What roles do volunteers play in your school?
  2. Do you think primary and secondary schools deploy volunteers differently?
  3. What attracts volunteers to support schools?
  4. How can schools encourage people to volunteer and nurture them when they do?
  5. How can governors directly and actively support learning?
  6. What is the main purpose of your PTA, and how does the school support their actives?
  7. What issues have or can arise from having volunteers in schools and how can these be managed or mitigated?
  8. How can we encourage our pupils to volunteer more, both in and out of the classroom?

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  1. Hi, I have worked in education for almost twenty years. I was a school crossing patrol at my village school and was a keen volunteer. I then took an OU course in Educational Support and got a job at a local secondary school, where I worked with SEN students across the curriculum and was sidetracked into Literacy support when we became an Academy- as far as I am aware we had no ‘volunteers’ at all- (apart from a former student who was a Premiership goalkeeper, who I encouraged to come in to speak to students about the importance of reading for pleasure and another ex- student who had just qualified as a doctor, who I invited in to speak to a Year 10 assembly about raising aspirations). My role was ‘disestablished’ early this year and since then I have been fortunate to volunteer back at my local school. We have a few volunteers, my role is reading/literacy intervention in ks2 and also supporting asd students in KS1. I’m very glad to say the children have been brilliant and have really taken to our sessions!

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