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#UKEdChat session 477 – This discussion took place on Halloween, and it is important to remember that it isn’t just ghosts and monsters that strike fear into the hearts of our children. While joyful for many, reading can be daunting and cause real anxiety for some children. Simply reading to the teacher can cause embarrassment and the prospect of reading aloud to the class is something which some simply dread. This can lead to life-long reading problems if not addressed and improvements are made.

Without the access to knowledge, information and learning that good reading skills allow, everything else in the classroom (and life) becomes so much more difficult, and yet a sizeable number of students leave school with poor reading skills.

In this #UKEdChat discussion, we discussed how to make reading less worrying for those who are struggling, what are the best interventions to improve reading skills, and what individual teachers can do to help pupils read better.


  1. What are the main impacts of poor reading skills in your subject area or phase of learning?
  2. In your opinion, what are the most common reasons for poor reading skills?
  3. How can we support the local community to improve children’s reading before they even start school?
  4. What role can technology play to improve reading skills?
  5. What are the best reading interventions you have seen?
  6. Many pupils feel anxious about reading aloud to a teacher. What alternative to reading practice with an adult exist?
  7. What are your best tips to help improve reading for pupils who are struggling?
  8. How can teachers change their teaching or classrooms to help pupils with poor reading skills?

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