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#UKEdChat session 478 –  If you ask teachers why they teach, you will almost universally hear about their love of the job, the rewarding experience of working with young people, and making a difference. Quite so.

However, being financially rewarded while finding the job rewarding isn’t mutually exclusive. Indeed, the fact that teachers financially lags behind similarly qualified graduates is a continual cause of angst and discussion for the profession, not to mention a great shame on the part of many governments around the world, that teachers are not adequately valued, compensated and respected for the work that they do, and that schools, and therefore the next generation, are poorly invested in.

However, for the purposes of this discussion, we will attempt to put these concerns to one side and attempt to open a topic which is often taboo for many… Money. When one is financially secure it can have a direct impact on a teacher’s classroom practice. Better health, better sleep, and better well-being.

In this #UKEdChat discussion, taking place on Twitter at 8pm(UK) on Thursday 8th November 2019, we will explore how teachers can make their personal finances work harder, how to plan to be financially secure, and how this can impact on your teaching. Read the article 10 Personal Finance Tips For Teachers for more inspiration for this discussion.


  1. How can financial problems impact on the effectiveness of a teacher?
  2. Beyond a pay rise, is there anything schools can do to help teachers be more financially secure?
  3. What is your view about buying things for your classroom? Part of the job or something which teachers shouldn’t do?
  4. Do you have a clear financial/retirement plan?
  5. Do you have, or would you be interested in any educational ‘side hustles’ which bring in extra income?
  6. Is the FIRE (financial independence retire early) movement something you are interested in?
  7. What are your best budgeting/saving tips?
  8. What would be your finance resolutions for the coming year?

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