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Why Teach













  • An accessible read for all teachers who are constantly troubled by critical questions about contemporary teaching.
  • Each chapter of the book tries to answer one of the questions Ben struggled with, trying to explain the reasons for the oddness and then giving some advice on how schools and individual teachers might manage it.
  • Advice and issues relevant to teachers of all stages of education, including inspections, behaviour and spreadsheets!
  • Ben offers advice through the 'What to do' section within each chapter, offering tips, kind words and reflections.

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Possibly a philosophical question many teachers often ask – sometimes rhetorically – is “Why do I teach?”. The joy of working with inspiring young people. Being able to impart deep and meaningful knowledge about your favoured subject to young people who need to know this stuff for when they face the real world.

In his new book, Ben Newmark faces us with the profound question of ‘Why Teach?’ inviting the reader to consider nine questions that are at the heart of the modern educational system. Some of the questions will resonate strongly with teachers and educators, such as: ‘Why are there so many spreadsheets within a school? Why is everything wrong that my pupils do my fault? Why is teaching making me so ill?’ These are questions that Ben has been grappling with for years, and the insights and tips drawn throughout the book explaining the reasons for the oddness and then giving some advice on how schools and individual teachers might manage it.

The commentary throughout the book encourages teachers to consider the tough questions that are posed within their professional life regularly. Along with an analysis exploring each question, Ben also adds advice through the ‘What to do’ section within each chapter, that offers tips, kind words and practical solutions to help educators navigate their way into a more fulfilling profession. This book is suitable for all teachers working in all sectors.

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