Expectations and Challenge

#UKEdChat session 481 – Having high expectations of every pupil is the mantra of the teaching profession, and guiding pupils step by step just beyond their current point of learning is the aim. But knowing where to pitch a lesson to ensure it is in that sweet spot where it is suitably challenging, but not demoralizingly difficult, is an art, not a science, and a skill which is honed over the length of a career.

Yet, perhaps more importantly are the expectations of the pupils themselves. Low expectations often have the self-fulfilling result of low performance, and this rut can be very difficult to get out. Therefore, actively maintaining high expectations of all pupils, by all pupils through the appropriate challenge is essential.

In this #UKEdChat discussion, taking place on Thursday 28th November 2019, we will discuss how expectations play a part in lessons, how to maintain pupil expectations in themselves, and how to ensure appropriate challenge for all.


  1. What is the connection between challenge and expectation? Can you cite examples from your own experience?
  2. Are expectations something you actively manage in your classroom? How?
  3. Do you feel expectations are consistent across your school? How could expectations be ‘synced’ across a school?
  4. What are the common causes of pupils low self-expectations?
  5. How can we raise self-expectations of our pupils?
  6. How do you know where to pitch a lesson to ensure appropriate challenge?
  7. Do you feel that senior leaders manage expectations of their colleague well, and how can this be improved?
  8. When self-expectations of a teacher drops, what interventions can improve the situation?

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