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Retrieval Practice: Research & Resources for every classroom













  • Offers an exploration of the research and background understanding of Retrieval Practice.
  • Showcases Retrieval Practice case studies throughout, highlighting a potential effectiveness.
  • Resources and classroom ideas are contained throughout, supporting teachers to utilise ideas to improve Retrieval Practice skills.
  • An exploration of Retrieval Practice when considering revision and revising for exams.
  • Relevant for all school subjects where the retrieval of knowledge, ideas or skills is a requirement for continuous progression.

When there is just so much to learn, and so much to revise, how can teachers support our students to retrieve important information at times where such requirements are important? The concern is that ‘Retrieval Practice’ is simply the latest buzz word going around education circles but with so much focus on passing exams as the system moves away from portfolio-based assessments, the retrieval practice is surely helpful for those students who can struggle with remembering key information at important times.

Although – by her own admission – Kate Jones is no cognitive psychologist, she is interested in using strategies that are useful for her students and, as a teacher, Retrieval Practice fits the bill. In fact, in her new book, Kate offers up a great collection of research, case studies and classroom activities that can develop Retrieval Practice in students of all ages.

The book starts off by exploring the available research on Retrieval Practice (RP) and where it fits into a lesson, scheme of work or curriculum – gaining an understanding of RP is essential for teachers before embarking with strategies that follow. Kate proceeds by exploring how she uses RP in her classroom, advising on resources and strategies that can be used to help develop skills. Although focused within the History curriculum, it is easy to see how colleagues can adjust resources for their specific curriculum area, which is further explored in the Chapter 3. Exploring Retrieval Practice and the Science of Learning is given attention, before a considered chapter exploring how to utilise RP with the all-important revision strategies that are required for most of our students. Again, Kate continues to highlight resources and classroom activities that can support the critical push towards the exam periods.

This is a great book for teachers and school-leaders who are interested in developing Retrieval Practice within their school to support pupils at all levels of ability.

Learn more about Retrieval Practice on the UKEd.Wiki site, by clicking here.

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