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Reframing education: Radically rethinking perspectives on education in the light of research













  • Explores the reframing of ten important issues currently faced within the England education system.
  • Uses research, and wider reading, to evidence how educators can take progressive education forward.
  • Murray offers ten recommendations for a renewed education system offering common-sense and attainable targets that should be encouraged by everyone concerned with education.
  • Provides 10 frames (at the end of the book) that could be used to encourage staffroom dialogue to help improve areas highlighted.
  • The book offers a radical and optimistic vision of how we can tackle issues by looking through new frames.

Those who have been working within the education system in England since the early 2010s will have experiences significant changes to what is expected from politicians, parents and school-leaders. The changes to the expected curriculum, assessments and approaches have been clear to see, and the challenges for educators continue to demand an increase in standards and performance with limited resources, support and respect.

Mike Murray is fully aware of such contemporary challenges that educators face on a daily basis but feels that there is a shifting positive change attainable to re-balance the education system in favour of the majority. In his book, Mike offers ten educational reframing arguments, aiming to address various individual problems through different lenses. Through the book, Mike explores reframing: data; growth mindset; purpose; knowledge; thinking; creativity; History; privilege; gender, and; disadvantage. What follows, within each chapter, is a clear exploration of the issues and research findings for each area with key questions asked from the start. All of the chapters contribute to reframing debate, obviously, but Murray puts the case for positive change with a progressive narrative that offers hope.

Take, for example, the chapter exploring ‘reframing gender’. The chapter highlights some official statistics highlighting the achievement gaps between boys and girls across the main strands. Mike then explores the clear issues between the sexes – stereotypes, for example – the advocating that reframing the issues to explore comparing employment opportunities and educational spending per pupil to focus on collaborative action for different groups of young people. Part of the issues, Murray maintains, will also include the lack of opportunity and under-aspiration of young people in some really challenging parts of the country.

It can be difficult to reframe some of the greatest challenges faced within education, but Mike has taken great consideration, reading and research to think about the issues faced by many schools on a daily basis. Offering ten conclusions, Murray offers ten recommendations for a renewed education system offering common-sense and attainable targets that should be encouraged by everyone concerned with education.

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