Golden Segment by @_MrMills

Planning with a golden segment. In brief article from the December 2014 edition of the UKEdMagazine

Many trainee teachers are advised to plan one “Golden Lesson” a week. As an NQT I attempted this for the first half term.

This, I felt, resulted in the other lessons not measuring up to my high standards. Roll-on the second half term and a new strategy, “Golden Segment”. In every lesson planned there is a section that is planned with a high level of consideration for AFL and differentiation.

The benefits have been immense, an improvement in assessments as the consideration of all students in all lessons means that students are acquiring the knowledge and skills associated with the course.

 @_MrMills - Business Studies Teacher (NQT), Altrincham

This article was originally printed in the December 2014 edition of UKEdMagazine with the online version updated in 2020 by the UKEd Editorial team in accordance with website and policy updates.

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