Leadership & Management: How decision-makers can make better decisions

#UKEdChat session 486 – The majority of teachers enter the profession with a classroom-based career in mind, yet many of us make our ways into leadership and management roles. The skillset is very different, and this leap into management is, therefore, quite a journey. Rather than making decisions for yourself or your class, you are making choices which affect your colleagues and the educational path of potentially hundreds of pupils.

The ability to make tough decisions and the tougher task of admitting a choice was wrong and change paths are essential to good leadership. But so too is taking your colleagues which you and to trust your network to do their bit to work towards a common goal. Poor leadership is marred by indecision when decisiveness is needed and bulldozing through things which should have a level of consultation which those who it will impact upon the most.

In this #UKEdChat discussion, hosted on 16th January 2020, we discuss how better decisions can be made, who needs to be involved and when, and the importance of trust in our school leaders has on the success of any path we take.


  1. What qualities should good school leaders and managers have?
  2. Should leaders filter policies and practices from ‘on high’ or does this deprive teachers from learning to deal with things for themselves?
  3. Cite examples of things that leaders should be decisive about and do not require discussion with colleagues.
  4. Cite examples of things that leaders should always consult and discuss with colleagues.
  5. If a decision has been made that you disagree with, do you continue to make your case, or accept the decision?
  6. Major decisions are often put off in schools. How can we make schools more nimble and quick at making decisions?
  7. Do your pupils have a real voice in the decisions made in your school, and how can this be improved?
  8. If you could decide on one change to your school, what would it be?

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