What Makes Great Teaching? 6 Lessons from Learners by @Powley_R

Ruth Powley has collected ideas from her PLN to help teachers become great!

3.  WMGT emphasised classroom climate; students said a well-organised lesson matters

For the students, a classroom climate in which there was “efficient use of lesson time” was important: what Stephen Tierney describes as the “relentless pursuit of learning.”  Unsurprisingly, they disliked unclear objectives not obviously linked to the task, and long or irrelevant starters.  Students in top sets disliked teacher ‘add-ins’ through the lesson as the teacher remembered things that they had forgotten to explain in the first place, because this interrupted their learning.  Students from lower sets also disliked being interrupted in the middle of a task as ‘we forget what we are writing.’  Tom Sherrington suggests the use of silent working here: “If a silent atmosphere is created in the right way… it means this: ‘OK; we’ve done all the talking, we’ve thrown up all our ideas… now it’s over to you to bring it all together, to get really stuck in and produce something that shows what you’ve learned, by yourself.’  It’s intense; intensely productive and intensely concentrated.”

1. Headguruteacher explains how to create clear lesson objectives here
2. Good ideas from Pragmatic Education here about structuring instruction
3. Mastery Lesson Plan @Love Learning Ideas here

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