What Makes Great Teaching? 6 Lessons from Learners by @Powley_R

Ruth Powley has collected ideas from her PLN to help teachers become great!

6.  WMGT emphasised teacher beliefs; students said that being involved matters

As you would hope, the students noticed new teaching and learning initiatives and wanted to know more about these.  If pedagogy is not explained to students there is a risk of misconceptions arising.  How many students for example have extended abstract understanding of SOLO Taxonomy, which is (apparently): “I fully understand SOLO Taxonomy including key terminology and structures.  I can confidently use SOLO Taxonomy to achieve deep learning and effective assessment for learning and assessment.  I can use SOLO Taxonomy to identify my progress.”  According to the Sutton Trust, teachers’ theories about what learning is and how it happens, “seem to be important” – would greater student understanding help learning?

1. Consider developing Learner CPD.  How to Pass Exams here explains memory retrieval practice to students.

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