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Thursday 30th January 2020

#UKEdChat session 488 –   Often unnoticed and faded into the background, the environment within our schools often have an unvalued impact on learning. As adults, we retire to quiet places and even deploy white noise to help us focus on important tasks. Yet our pupils do not have the same luxury within most classrooms.

Schools aim to strike an uneasy balance between an optimum place to learn, and the practicalities of the en masse education system we have inherited from its Victorian beginnings. However, there are schools who are trying a variety of approaches to make learning environments better, both within the classroom and in spaces within the wider school.

In this #UKEdChat discussion, taking place at 8pm(UK) on Thursday 30th January 2020, and in the After Hours webinar featuring @teacherchalky1 at 9pm(UK), we discuss whether a notional ‘standard’ classroom is fit for purpose, what are the roles of displays, what is the role of technology, and how to use an adapt all areas within a school to maximise learning.

🔼UKEdChat After Hours Webinar, featuring guest @teacherchalky1, with @ICTmagic hosting.


  1. Describe your classroom as a learning environment, and how it is adapted to teach your subject or age group.
  2. How can a notional standard classroom be improved to help learners learn?
  3. Is there a right way to arrange a classroom, and if so, what is it?
  4. What is the role of the teacher’s desk in a modern classroom?
  5. How can wall spaced by used to maximise learning?
  6. How does technology change a learning space, and what are the pros and cons?
  7. Are the communal and outdoor spaces in your space good learning spaces? How could these be improved?
  8. What is your own idea space for getting school work done?

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