Factory of Innovations at Bett: Moscow showcases revolution in education

Images and text provided by Moscow City of Education organisers, as part of international information partners collaboration.

The stand of Moscow noticeably distinguished due to the successfully chosen presentation concept — the Factory was the key visual way, where everyone could connect to the generation of innovative ideas for the development of education. The theme of the stand echoed with the main idea of the forum City For Education 2019 – “The city that teaches and learns”, which reflected all the educational opportunities of the modern megapolis. Ways to gain knowledge through technology and innovation were explored and discussed at the exhibition in London as well: representatives of the global educational community from more than 146 countries participated in Bett Show, who together was looking for new ways to expand the range of training practices and apply innovative technologies in everyday teaching.

City of Education area at BETT 2020, London.

Exhibitors were distributed to thematic areas according to the six most relevant topics of the world educational community: Learning Tech, Equipment & Hardware, Teaching Tech, Management Solutions, Global Showcase, and Education Show. “Factory of Innovative Projects” of Moscow located in the demonstration area: at the industrial factory-stand were presented innovative developments, which are already used in Moscow schools. The combination of technology, usability and ease of adaptation of projects in any country has aroused genuine interest among guests and experts. The first global Director of Education for KidZania Dr. Ger Graus in an interview with the organizers of the Moscow Global Forum noted the high level of projects at the stand and gave some advice to teachers.

Innovations on show from Moscow E-school

“I believe that the education system in Moscow is really exciting. I think we need to build learning cities by using resources that we already have. It is worth using technology to get better, but you will never replace the human heart, mind, empathy and emotional intelligence that a good teacher has. There’s so much criticism of schools, teachers and education in general, so my advice is to continue to believe in how good you are and become better. If we focus on a child, talk about him or her and do it for them, our children will be inspired. If you have amazing thinking and technology that you connect together, you will get something truly great,” Ger Graus said.

VR in action

Educational solutions of the “Knowledge Factory” of City For Education were also appreciated by Bett Show organizers. Key Account Director Tom Poole noted the similarity of the London exhibition and the Moscow Global Forum and stressed the importance of highlighting innovative educational technologies for to the general public: “For me, the most important thing is cooperation, and Bett and Moscow are very alike. They give the opportunity to work with a large number of people, come to exhibitions and speak in public. You can talk to the Minister of Education or a teacher — everyone can help you understand more about the education sector. I also think — it’s important that people see new products, innovations that are already available, and understand what’s happening all over the world. In the educational sphere, Artificial Intelligence will be used more and more to help teachers with their work and help students cope with stress in school. We already see a lot of Artificial Intelligence at the exhibition this year, and I think that in the future it will be much, much more”.

Among the projects at the industrial stand in London, the most impressive and productive solutions of Moscow teachers and partners of Moscow education were presented. They showed the guests the interactive online platform “Moscow Electronic School” (MES), the project “Diagnostics of knowledge in VR format” on various subjects of the school program using Virtual and Augmented Reality, as well as a system of early immersion into the profession “Pre-professional classes”, capabilities and equipment of which were shown with the help of the AR table. In addition, guests of the stand and experts became acquainted with the “Educational Initiative” — a series of training projects of the international company Yandex, some of which are already being implemented at schools in Moscow. Each guest who passed an interactive quest at the “Factory of Innovative Knowledge” received a photo for memory with glitch effect and could communicate with the stand attendants, asking them questions about the work of schools in Moscow.

Not only representatives of educational communities from different countries presented their developments, but also large brands: Microsoft, Apple, Lego Education, KidZania, Google, SMART, Promethean, Spotify, HP, BBC Learning, Sparx, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and many others. In addition, the Global Council for Education was established during the exhibition, whose goal is to transform innovation in education globally and to form a global educational ecosystem.

Presentation of educational projects of the Russian capital is the main goal of Moscow’s participation in the London exhibition, but there is also another — exchange of experience. On the eve of the Moscow Global Forum “City for Education 2020”, its organisers studied everything happening at the Bett Show and held business meetings with other participants and experts to select the most interesting topics to cover them in Moscow and to define global priorities in the field of education — from Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality to professional training and retraining of teachers.

You can find all the details about the exhibition at www.bettshow.com, and the most interesting events about the participation of representatives of Moscow Education in Bett Show – in the official account of Moscow Global forum “City for Education” in Instagram @cityforeducation.

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