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Thursday 6th February 2020

#UKEdChat session 489 –  A learner’s work is never done… Continually refreshing and revisiting one’s toolbox of skills and knowledge is a vital part of the learning process and allows us to build on solid foundations.

Yet, revision can often have negative connotations where students adopt a hermit-like existence as they cram for an exam, which they can then forget about. As educators, we should reclaim revision to be an integrated part of lessons, which connect past lessons with ideas that are being learnt today.

In the #UKEdChat discussion on Thursday 6th February 2020 at 8pm(UK), and during the After Hours Webinar at 9pm(UK) with guests @dnleslie & @ScienceTeachTw1, we discussed how revision can make an impact on everyday learning, how to revise well, and how the school culture can help pupils reflect on their learning.

Watch or listen

Click to listen to the webinar via the UKEdPodcast, or watch the webinar via the YouTube link below:

🔼UKEdChat After Hours Webinar, featuring guests @dnleslie & @ScienceTeachTw1, with @ICTmagic hosting.

Additional links from the webinar: becomingeducated.co.uk & YouTube: Mr Mitchell


  1. In your opinion, what is the purpose of revision?
  2. Does revision have a role for all age groups and subjects areas?
  3. How can revision be used to keep ideas and skills fresh for everyday learning?
  4. What poor revision practices have you observed, and how could these be improved?
  5. What are your favourite revision tools and resources?
  6. Is there an optimal amount of revision and time to do it?
  7. What are your tips for continual revision for everyday learning?
  8. What are your tips for exam revision?

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