Creativity: Making something out of nothing! by @LauraFalconer21

Creatively Celebrating Books in Boxes


“Creativity is as important as Literacy” - Sir Ken Robinson

So we combined the two!

We were asked to let our creativity flow! Our inspiration was to come from our love of reading and our favourite book!

The task:
Design a shoebox around a novel you love.

The designs represented everything we know and love about our chosen books. We created questions about the story, designed activities and added artefacts, ready for sharing with our classmates.

There was a real buzz of excitement in our classroom as everyone piled in with their ‘Book in a Box’ projects. Everyone was eager to share their creations.

We met with our literacy group and each of us was given the chance to present and discuss the inspiration behind our ‘Book in a Box’.

Each presentation had been so well prepared and we loved listening to one another give recommendations for new books, authors and series we could get our teeth in to! Our passionate reviews of our favourite books and characters really demonstrated our love of reading.

We enjoyed asking questions of one another and finding out more about the design process and what inspired each box.

Our next task is to share our projects with others, so we invited Primary 5 to see our ‘Book in a Box’ projects and recommended some of our favourite novels to them. They were really keen to hear all about our chosen stories and spent lots of time visiting each group and asking questions about the boxes! Hopefully, they’ll be off on their library visit next week with Mrs Oliver to pick up some of the new recommendations!

There are many more images shared from Laura on her blog about this project. Please click here to view.

This is a re-blog post originally posted by Laura Falconer, and published with kind permission. The original post can be found here. The article was originally published in 2014, and updated in 2020 by the UKEd Editorial team in accordance with website and policy changes.

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