An Ethical Education

#UKEdChat session 491 – Education is littered with choices. Each path can lead to radically different outcomes and can ultimately change the lives of our students, often in unpredictable ways. This level of influence on so many lives comes with a responsibility to try one’s best for each and every student, but it also has huge ethical implications.

Whether it is guiding students down a particular learning path, or choosing not to expose students to a particular viewpoint, or choosing to simplify a concept to make it accessible but leaving out some nuance, we make choices which cumulatively and over time have a major impact on the thinking and character of our students.

In the #UKEdChat discussion on Thursday 20th February 2020 at 8pm(UK), we will discuss ethical issues which are present in our schools, and how we introduce and discuss ethical issues within our classrooms.


  1. In your opinion, what are ethics in education?
  2. What are the main ethical considerations teachers encounter?
  3. What ethical considerations are there for teachers in your subject specialism or phase of teaching?
  4. How are ethics taught to new teachers and how could this be improved?
  5. Have you ever encountered and ethical dilemma in your teaching career? What happened?
  6. What ethical factors should educational researchers pay attention to?
  7. What further ethical training would you like in the future?
  8. How do/can you teach ethics to students in your own classroom?

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