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It seems that “Growth Mindset” is the talk of the town, the city and the globe right now! Everyone is talking about it, especially educational leaders. Institutions are holding sessions with their teachers to make them understand and implement this concept in their work lives in the least, if not their personal lives. In a nutshell, this big term simply means what the late great Stephen Hawking had put into simple words “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change”.

Truly, you can’t move forward if you are standing, for that matter, even stagnant water starts stinking! Until you take that proverbial leap of faith, you won’t know what’s further beyond. And that’s the reason why every part of our bodies can be measured, but our minds. That’s because it’s the only dynamic part of us which keeps growing when we learn or unlearn, try something new or move out of our comfort zones. Simply put, when we are ready to change. We can’t change the situation, other people, the times, the world but we can definitely bring about the change in ourselves.

Quoting Mahatma Gandhi here, “Be the change that you wish to see in this world”, it’s YOU and you alone who can bring about a change around you. Do that bit. Take that little extra step. Model change in self and others around you will definitely follow. Well, even if they don’t, don’t lose heart because you know you are improvising yourself and, hence, leading on to the quintessential path of a growth mindset. Idealistic as it may sound, it’s doable and you can sense it’s happening. So, start introspecting what’s it that you can begin with today?

@sansanananana Primary ICT Coordinator – Noida, India

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