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Independent Thinking On...

Independent Thinking On Teaching And Learning Developing Independence And Resilience In All Teachers And Learners













  • Explores latest ideas and opinions on what makes for effective learning.
  • An important chapter explores the role of assessment and questioning in the classroom.
  • Pedagogical ideas and strategies scattered throughout the book, allowing for quick and easy implementation.
  • Ideas to implement peer coaching are offered in the book seeking to improve skills across the school community.
  • A great set of appendices offering templates for use, supporting suggestions from the main body of the book.

One of the main crucial elements of helping pupils to progress in their learning is the role of the teacher. The impact, influence and inspiration that teachers can offer in their classroom and subject will often determine how our pupils approach learning and ultimately achieve in that area. Keeping astride of the latest ideas, developments and curriculum priorities is essential for all school teachers and leaders, but also being aware of research and strategies that help enhance learning is equally important as we strive to ensure each child can progress the best they can.

In her book, Jackie Beere champions teachers and students as learners exploring research, at an introductory and accessible level, that supports some of the latest opinions within the education sphere. As teachers, we all strive to deliver great lessons all of the time, and in an informative chapter, Jackie guides towards a template offering helpful steps to ensure each pupil achieves their full potential. At the heart of such a template is a reflective teacher who can react, change and respond to classroom situations using techniques such as deep knowledge and understanding of their subject, using questioning effectively, or providing pupils with incisive feedback that supports positive development. Other steps include setting clear objective and success criteria; offering up some DIRT, and; managing the end of a lesson to ensure that the learning sticks.

With a quick dip into classroom management, significant attention is given to assessment, with Jackie firmly advocating that assessment is learning. Through this important chapter, strategies are highlighted that can be used in any classroom with questioning also central to help to promote and probe thinking. Building a learning community that sticks and grows is subsequently given attention with ideas on how retrieval practice strategies can be used to help reinforce learning.

Maturing your teaching practice can only really be successful if you are part of a supportive school that supports staff development and progression. Peer coaching is one strategy that Jackie showcases in being able to develop teachers to be mindful, reflective and question practices aimed at improvement. Offering a list of conversation questions and guidance, ideas are given in how to set up peer coaching within your community to help improve at all levels.

This book has pulled together a collection of ideas, opinions and resources that can be used across any school where the role of the teacher is central in developing and empowering everyone in the community to fulfil their true potential, providing outstanding outcomes for all educators.

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