Wellbeing of the Isolated

Thursday 19th March 2020

#UKEdChat session 495 – For some context, this chat was held in the week that coronavirus shut down schools across the UK and millions of our young people and teachers were being urged to self-isolate.

Putting aside the anxiety about one’s personal health and morbidity, our wellbeing will almost certainly decline when staying at home for extended periods. Many teachers will live in a nice 3+ bedroom semi with a garden. However, many pupils do not enjoy the same spacious surroundings.

Even before mass self-isolation, many pupils feel alone in a crowded room, and whether during this current crisis or when face-to-face classes resume, we have a duty of care to maintain and increase the wellbeing of our pupils whenever we can.


  1. Is there anything that teachers can do to decrease anxiety from events in the news?
  2. How might isolation impact upon the wellbeing of pupils?
  3. How can teachers assess the wellbeing of isolated pupils?
  4. What steps can teachers take to improve the wellbeing of isolated pupils?
  5. How can teachers and parents/carers work together improve the wellbeing of isolated pupils?
  6. What should the authorities do to help improve the wellbeing of isolated pupils, and what support could they give to school to help?
  7. What can senior leaders do to improve the wellbeing of teachers?
  8. What are your top tips for improving the wellbeing of isolated teachers?

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