Closing the Digital Divide

Thursday 2nd April 2020

#UKEdChat session 497 – Context: This #UKEdChat Session took place during the COVID-19 global pandemic, with many schools forced to close for prolonged periods.

It is easy to assume, when setting learning tasks to be undertaken at home, that students will have access to all the modern technologies to complete. However, many youngsters go home where internet access is not guaranteed, and access to hardware such as a PC or laptop is beyond the means and priority of the household. Looking around, it is easy to assume that most young people stay connected via their smartphones, but most are limited in how they can help complete school tasks.

A digital divide is real, especially among various socio-economically, cultural or geographic groups, so how can teachers and schools ensure that learning can continue – especially at times when school is closed? It is often too easy to make assumptions about the lives of our pupils when they go home, so what steps can schools make to bridge any digital divide gap to ensure each student has the opportunity to achieve?

For this #UKEdChat session, we will be exploring issues around the digital divide, when we expect students to complete online tasks away from school.


  1. Does school closure accentuate a digital divide?
  2. What tech is required for most digital tasks to be successfully completed?
  3. How can schools support all students when digital tasks are expected to be completed?
  4. What steps does your school take supporting students who simply do not have access to online resources or tasks?
  5. What about the digital skill divide? How can schools support staff whose tech skills are lacking?
  6. How can teachers accurately assess digitally produced work, especially when completed off-site?
  7. How can other students help bridge the digital divide?
  8. How should education systems move to bridge any digital divide gaps?

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