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#UKEdChat session 500 – Sometimes, one lesson isn’t enough. Projects have been a mainstay of education for decades and allow pupils to take a deep dive into a topic. Beyond learning about the subject manner, projects provide an opportunity for pupils to practise independent working, time management, and self-regulation. Yet these skills need to be honed with guidance first before sending students on their way.

There is a whole field of industrial called ‘project management’ and schools could learn much from some of the tools and strategies used to keep things ticking along smoothly.

Group projects add and an extra level of complexity and the chance of squabbles raised exponentially to the number of participants involved. Therefore defining clear roles within a group project is crucial.

In the #UKEdChat discussion on Thursday 23rd April 2020 at 8pm (UK) we discussed when to use project work, what makes a successful project, and the many pitfalls to avoid.

1. What skills need to be taught before deploying project work?
2. What is the role of the teacher when using classroom-based project work?
3. How can teachers support home-based project work?
4. What are the benefits of project work for learning?
5. What are the common pitfalls of project work?
6. How can teachers help make group projects successful?
7. What is the role of technology for projects?
8. What are your favourite projects you have seen or would like to try in the future?

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