Learning After Lockdown

#UKEdChat session 502 - School life has changed beyond recognition over the past few months as the majority of teachers and pupils isolate because of the pandemic. Now there are the first signs that schools are going to reopen, perhaps in phases, perhaps in shifts, perhaps locking down again in the autumn if there is a resurgence of cases of the virus. These decisions are largely out of the hands of individual schools, but what schools do have some power over is how schools will operate in this new education world?

In the past, schools offer a place of stability for many pupils with turbulent lives. Yet, schools in the short term will probably experience lots of continual change as different aspect of ‘normal’ appear and disappear. How will schools cope with the inevitable mental stress that the lockdown and ongoing worries about the virus will have on both pupils and staff? How will our classrooms, not known for being spacious and sparse, be adapted for social distancing measures? Will school assemblies be a thing of the past? Will this enforced remote learning carry over to become part of the new normal?

In the #UKEdChat discussion on Thursday 7th May 2020 at 8pm (UK) we discussed how school and learning may look after the lockdown begins to ease.


  1. In a phrase restart after lockdown, which pupils should return first and last? Why?
  2. Which subject or age groups will it be easier, or more difficult to impose distancing measures on?
  3. How do you envisage your own classroom looking after being adapted for social distancing?
  4. How will the playground and other public areas change in the coming months?
  5. Will you still use pair/group work in your teaching?
  6. How will shared resources and equipment, like microscopes and maths multi-link, be used in a socially-distancing lesson?
  7. What hygiene and protective measures do you think your school may deploy?
  8. Are you worried about going back to school during the pandemic? What would reassure you?
  9. How will schools help pupils with pupils coming out of lockdown, and worried about the virus at school?
  10. Will you continue to use some remote teaching methods after lockdown is lifted?

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