Supporting Mental Health in Schools

#UKEdChat session 504 – School life is stressful. The pace of teaching and learning is frantical, and schools often feel chaotic, overwhelming and an assault on the senses. This is before considering the perpetual battle to keep the school and home life separate. This is the perfect recipe for exacerbating existing mental health issues, and creating new ones.

Thankfully there has been a cultural shift in many schools to at least talk about mental health and to take some steps to alleviate some of the pressures which compound the issues, but much remains to be done. Still, when there is real need, a lack of understanding and support available.

In the #UKEdChat discussion on Thursday 21st May 2020 at 8pm (UK) we discussed mental health support in schools, and what each of us can do to create a more mental healthy environment for all.


  1. What do you think the general level of understanding and support is like in schools?
  2. Is mental health discussed and supported in your schools? How?
  3. What poor support for mental health from schools have you seen or heard about?
  4. What can schools do to help teachers maintain a healthy home/school divide?
  5. What role and support can outside professional play?
  6. What role does technology play in the mental health of teachers?
  7. What one change can schools make to support teachers’ mental health better?
  8. What one thing can teachers do to support the mental health of colleagues?

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