Bringing the World into the Classroom Virtually

Nothing like a global pandemic for making one resourceful and flexible. Since remote learning began, many teachers have adapted to new ways of working using digital technology to communicate and teach. As schools begin to reopen, but with many restrictions still in place, many of the digital practices the profession has honed over the past few bizarre months will be adapted again to bring the outside world into the classroom.

With some measure of social distancing likely to be with us for potentially years, schools are in danger of becoming isolated islets, necessarily separated from the local community and the wider world beyond. It is important that school help pupils (and teachers!) remember that there is a whole world out there.

In the #UKEdChat discussion on Thursday 28th May 2020 at 8pm (UK) we discussed a range of ideas to bring the outside in, from virtual school trips, and virtual guest speakers, to looking for solutions to allow helpers to listen to pupils read safely and sharing school life with the community.


  1. Which skills and methods have you learnt while remote teaching which you may continue when teaching face to face?
  2. Should schools take a more worldly view while they are in relative isolation, and how could this be achieved?
  3. How can technology be used to simulate some of the experience of being on a school trip?
  4. How can schools ensure that they remain a central part of the local community while maintaining social distancing measures?
  5. How can schools continue to benefit from volunteers from the community, such as listening to pupils read, while maintaining social distancing measures?
  6. How can schools continue involving the community in events, like sports days and theatrical productions?
  7. What are the dangers of school isolation?
  8. What are your own plans for preventing isolation in your own classroom?

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