Ending the School Year Well

Thursday 4th June 2020

We are now into the final half-term across the UK, usually a time to take a breath, enjoy the fruits of everyone’s hard work in the past, and look ahead to the next academic year.

However, 2020 has been anything but usual.

Many of the fruits, both figuratively and literally, have been left untouched, and education has been left just ticking over while the world has gone into lockdown. As schools in the UK, and across the world open again, school leaders have some tough decisions. Do you try to make up for lost time? Do you focus on the fun, community activities to bring the school together after difficult times? Do you continue to just focus on safely keeping education ticking over during a pandemic and when many pupils remain away?

There are no easy answers but in this #UKEdChat discussion on Thursday 04th June 2020 at 8pm (UK) we discussed what schools are doing on the ground, what options are open to them, and how schools can end the school year well for their particular circumstances and community.


  1. Whether your school has reopened or not, how is your school ensuring that education continues for pupils who are not in school?
  2. Naturally, schools should focus on keeping pupils safe, but should they have high expectations for learning under these conditions?
  3. How will handing over to next year’s teachers or the next school look like under current conditions?
  4. Will any of the fun end-of-year activities take place, and how will they be different?
  5. What might a safe sports day look like under current conditions? For pupils who remain away, could this be done remotely?
  6. What precautions and ideas could be put in place to allow school discos and proms to go ahead this year?
  7. What extra work will occur over the summer holidays to ensure a successful start to the next academic year?
  8. What will your end of year staff get-together look like this year?

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