Grassroots Professional Development

#UKEdChat session 507 – Whole school CPD can be hit and miss. It can be inspiring and set the whole school on a common course towards a collective goal. But most often teachers require bespoke learning to cater to their individual needs. Thankfully, there are huge opportunities for this online these days, but how can teachers wade through the noise to find what they need.

But are these efforts valued by schools? There isn’t usually any formal awards or evidence of self-directed professional development, and the selection of topics is often a more passive process with teachers just ‘noticing’ something online which they then follow up.

In the #UKEdChat discussion on Thursday 11th June 2020 at 8pm (UK) we discussed how schools can support grassroots CPD, how to discover what you need and cut through the noise, and share the best self-directed professional development experiences.


1. What does grassroots professional development mean to you?
2. If school management are not onboard with grassroots CPD, is there a danger it will be kicked into the long grass?
3. How can technology improve grassroots CPD?
4. How can teachers be encouraged to take grassroots CPD into their own hands?
5. Is informal DIY professional development valued in schools?
6. With so much out there, how can teachers choose what to research for self-directed CPD?
7. How can schools formally help and support informal professional development?
8. Share your best experiences of self-directed professional development.

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