Preparing for the New Normal

#UKEdChat session 511 –To paraphrase the great off-the-cuff philosopher, Donald Rumsfeld for a moment… there are many things we know about this pandemic, many things we know we don’t know, and there are things we don’t know we don’t know.

Yet it is in this impossible position that schools must make plans for the re-opening (or expanded opening) for the new academic year in a few months time. With sporadic guidance from local authorities and Governments, schools are exploring a range of different ‘New Normals’ in the information vacuum, and this will likely be a moving target and plans in continuous flux. Like most things to do with school, there is no universal ‘right answer’ which will also be so.

With this in mind, in the #UKEdChat discussion on Thursday 9th July 2020 at 8pm (UK), and during our free UKEdChat After Hours Webinar at 9pm we discussed the possibilities of what might happen and we invite educators to think about how various scenarios will impact the running of a school and the impact on teaching and learning within the classroom, as well as measures that will be put in place if schools do not return in full.


  1. Do you think some kind of ‘new normal’ will be reached when schools are scheduled to restart for the new academic year?
  2. How do you think the timetable might change in your school to accommodate the greater distance between people?
  3. What aspects of remote learning do you think or hope will continue for the new academic year? Do you think remote learning technology will continue to be used within schools?
  4. Is there a role for non-specialists and non-teaching staff to enable pupils to be taught in socially spaced environments?
  5. How will marking and assessment change when coronavirus may be transmitted on surfaces, such as books?
  6. How will the usage of communal areas, like halls, playgrounds and (gulp!) staffrooms change and be adapted to a ‘new normal’?
  7. Give details of how you would ideally like your classroom to be adapted to mitigate the spread of coronavirus.
  8. What are the top priorities for schools as the new academic year begins in a ‘new normal’?

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