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The case for ethical leadership in schools

Lighting the Way The case for ethical leadership in schools













  • This is an easily accessible book to school leaders (new and old) to consider their moral and ethical purpose within the role bestowed upon.
  • The book explores the important topic of 'coaching' in terms of leadership coaching, but also how to support and coach teaching staff to help fulfill their pedagogical potential.
  • Angela uses her experience within a challenging inner-city secondary school to inspire the reader to bring the school back from the brink of dissolution.
  • Importantly, a focus is rightly given to integrity within your leadership role - something that we all need reminding of every now and then.
  • The book is suited for teachers thinking about their first steps into leadership, or for leaders already in position and grappling with many issues that surround them within schools.

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  • This essential guide presents a crucial approach to ethical school leadership that places primary and secondary school leaders at the forefront of change in the education system.
  • This book provides an in-depth, realistic look at the current system, enabling school leaders to understand and contextualise their roles, before offering practical solutions to help them develop their leadership style, navigate the challenges they face and have a significant impact on their school and the wider community.
  • Written in the context of an education system on the edge of a crisis, with students burning out, staff walking out and schools under increasing pressure to singlehandedly provide the social care so many young people desperately need, Lighting the Way argues that schools stand on the threshold of a new way forward.
  • Angela uses her wealth of experience to show school leaders the path to being torchbearers, leading children with purpose, staff with integrity and the community towards wisdom with practical strategies, optimism and guidance.
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A system on the brink – that is the startling (and relevant) title to one of the opening chapters in Angela Browne’s new book exploring ethical leadership in schools. And who can argue that the system is not on the brink? Although written in the context of a secondary school leader within the England education system, many leaders in other jurisdictions will recognise the pressures that face schools in modern-day societies.

Angela argues that schools have become a crucible for societal pressures and internal pressures, considering the extent to which government interference has exacerbated pressures on schools, leaders and teachers with a ceaseless array of initiative drives. You can see this in terms of teacher and leadership recruitment and retention as well as the negative impact on mental health effective many working within such a pressure cooker. Yet it is not all doom and gloom, with Browne exploring ‘leadership with a moral purpose’, and asking the reader to reflect upon their own leadership style which could, it is argued, play a major part in how staff and pupils respond and respect the school community. An exploration of coaching is given as a means of helping development for leaders along with consideration on how to formulate and communicate a vision to the community being lead.

The third part of the book explores leading staff with integrity, a section that quite a few school leaders could do with exploring in-depth, as it explores leading people with kindness, compassion, and working through crisis. Further, leading our students with a moral purpose is the focus of part 4, exploring how to teach value, dealing with difficult behaviour, including managing school exclusions when the situation demands such a drastic course of action. The final section explores leading beyond the school, exploring how to have positive conversations with parents, engagement with families and a rallying shout to ‘call out the system’ and speak up to support the profession of which many leaders built their foundation.

In a culture where data and results seem to be more important than the wellbeing of staff and pupils, this book is a timely reminder to those within leadership positions to consider their moral and ethical position to positively lead their school and community into a position where each individual can take pride, achieve their potential and look back in fondness at their time in your school.

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