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  • The book offers a positive, supportive and focused manifesto to support students.
  • Through his manifesto, Jackson offers 21 easy-to-implement ideas to motivate young people.
  • Tips and ideas are shared throughout that guide educators to deliver affirmative support and develop positive frames of mind.
  • Approach is delivered through 5 stages – the manifesto, the mission, the mindset, the method and the miracle.
  • Perfect for all secondary schools to support students positively believe in themselves.

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  • Happy School 365 is packed with 21 easy-to-implement ideas to motivate young people to achieve academic and personal success.
  • Jackson sets out a vision for what his method can achieve.
  • This is the must-have guide for all teachers looking to play their part in developing a generation that is happy, healthy and successful.
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Building motivation with students can be a difficult task when you are faced with a challenging curriculum, or when there are external issues that are causing barriers to learning. Helping our students understand that opening themselves to learn can lead to rewarding academic achievement and success is an important role for the profession. Everyone within our setting is not going to be happy all of the time, but by developing a positive, supporting and caring culture within your classroom environment, you allow the opportunity for students to flourish.

Every child is a different kind of flower and all together make this world a beautiful garden.

The quote above is the opening contribution by Jackson Ogunyemi in his new book (created under his ActionJackson stage name), ‘Happy School 365 Action Jackson’s guide to motivating learners’. The aims of the book are to support educators to give their students a sense of identity and purpose, along with developing focus and positive self-discipline.

Through the five chapters in the book, Jackson shares 21 easy-to-implement ideas to motivate young people, but also to inspire educators to encourage confidence building. Each idea is supported by a clear commentary of the reasoning behind the activity, accompanied by motivation tips aimed at guiding educators on how to successfully implement each activity.

At the heart of the book, each chapter is divided into a five-stage approach – the manifesto, the mission, the mindset, the method and the miracle – Jackson sets out a vision for what this method can achieve: well-rounded individuals who are agents of change for humanity.

The book is primarily aimed at secondary schools helping young people navigate some of the difficult challenges they face as they grow into young adults, and is to be applauded for the compassion, positivity and beliefs that can help our students can achieve given the right encouragement by people who care about their success.

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About @ActionJackson

Action Jackson is an inspirational keynote speaker and the founder of Fix Up Seminars, a company that works with primary and secondary schools to motivate students to help them develop the tools and skills for success. Over the past 20 years, Jackson and his team have worked with thousands of students and teachers to enable them to achieve their goals. He also gives regular keynotes, talks and workshops at events and conferences for young people and educators. Follow Jackson on Twitter: @ActionJackson.

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