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Thursday 8th October 2020

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  • Music can help focus on work
  • Music can act as muse, set a mood, or be a creative outlet.
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Music has the power to move us. From tear of sorrow to shaking our funky stuff on the dance floor. It is with us in the supermarket, in lifts and in many workplaces, and the psychological impact to change our mood and behaviour is under-appreciated.

Music as a special place within schools. Music enjoyed together can bring about a sense of community. While the mis-squeak of a badly played recorder is one of the worst tortures of school life, music can have a real impact on a lesson away from the music lesson. From rock anthems in a geology lesson to techno beats in technology class – music can act as muse, set a mood, or be a creative outlet. With so many young people enjoying that popular music, including and element of music can incentivise learning and help build skills which may help a future musical career.

Music also has an effect on how teachers work. Many find music helps them focus on their work (in between impromptu power-ballads with a red-pen ‘microphone’), while others cannot stand any noise whatsoever, apart from the ‘soothing’ white noise of a busy classroom.

In this #UKEdChat discussion, on Thursday 8th October 2020 at 8pm (UK), we discussed how music is currently being used.


  1. What do you think your students would say the soundtrack of your classroom would be?
  2. Do you use music in your lessons currently? How?
  3. Which subject areas are more amenable to using music? Why?
  4. Which subject areas are less amenable to using music? Why?
  5. How can music be used to enhance your subject area or specialism?
  6. How do you use music when you are working, such as with marking and admin?
  7. What is on your working playlist as a teacher?
  8. What further training want you like to bring more music into your classroom?

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