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  • 16.4% UK adults describe their reading skills as poor
  • Schools can both motivate and demotivate readers
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Arguably, reading is the skill on which learning is based. Poor reading skills can cause serious disadvantages for people for their entire lives, yet we live in a country where 16.4% of adults or 7.1 million people [source] describe their reading skills as poor. With 10% of people having some form of dyslexia, there is clearly something amiss in our teaching of reading in UK society and schooling.

Books offer a companion to the imagination, to guide one’s thoughts along a path to inspiration or sadness, enlightenment or new-found knowledge. Reading acquisition is rightly focused on early years and primary. Yet reading and improving one’s reading is a lifelong pursuit and shouldn’t stop being encouraged once learning reaches a certain age.

In this #UKEdChat discussion, which took place on Thursday 29th October 2020 at 8pm(UK), and during our free UKEdChat After Hours Webinar at 9pm, we discussed tips to turn learning on to reading, and just as importantly, how not to turn them off, how eBooks can make a difference to struggling readers, and how the reading culture of a school needs to be inclusive.


  1. Do you think that our current strategies and methods of teaching reading in schools is succeeding or failing pupils, and why?
  2. Is formal schooling responsible for switching children off of reading?
  3. How can reading culture be more inclusive for those pupils who don’t get a buzz from reading?
  4. How should reading skills acquisition change as pupils get older?
  5. How can peers help their classmates in improving their reading?
  6. How can schools encourage reading for pleasure for pupils who don’t find pleasure in reading?
  7. What role can (school) libraries play in improving reading?
  8. How can eBooks and other technology be deployed to improve reading?

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