Overcoming Educational Barriers

Thursday 5th November 2020

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  • Many barriers to learning go under the radar
  • For the barriers to learning that teachers can’t solve, they have a duty to advocate for their pupils.
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Barriers to education are numerous and varied. Many manifest outside of the school gates, but others are caused because of the way schools, classrooms and teaching within is constructed and delivered. Teachers are not able to remove all barriers to learning, but it is our duty to remove those we can and to advocate for the ones we cannot.

Many barriers are easy to assess, but others are more subtle. These are more difficult to tackle for a teacher as they may remain under the radar and be actively hidden by the learner, perhaps for years.

Learners are not the only ones who have barriers to their learning. Teachers also have challenges to further developing their skills. The source may be different, but the need to overcome such barriers is no less important. Furthermore, while our learners have their teachers advocating for them and cheering them on, a teacher will often only have themselves to motivate and support their learning.

In this #UKEdChat discussion, which took place on Thursday 5th November 2020 at 8pm(UK) we discussed what common barriers may be hindering learning for our pupils, what can be done, and what support the wider school can give. Plus, we discussion obstacles to the professional development of teachers.


  1. What are the main barriers to learning which manifest outside of school?
  2. How can school and the learning culture impact on the barriers to learning?
  3. What barriers to learning most often go under the radar, and how can they be best identified?
  4. What external support is available to learners with barriers to learning?
  5. What role can technology play in removing barriers?
  6. Should teachers advocate to remove social and economic barriers to learning on the national level?
  7. What barriers exist for teachers to continue their professional development?
  8. How can the barriers of teachers’ professional development be removed?

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