STEM, STEAM or just a FAD?

Currently, there seems to be a wide range of acronyms floating around to describe the increased need for more science, technology, and maths skills to be taught in schools. But, which term really represents the process most accurately? STEM and STEAM just seem to be the tip of the iceberg!

DREAMS (design, robotics, engineering, arts, maths and science) is an intriguing movement as is STREAMS and even STAMPER! However, I’ve come to the conclusion that the movement is about far more than the letters involved and more so the overall understanding by those in the education of what we’re trying to achieve.

We are now living in an age of artificial intelligence and robots, and we need to ensure that we are preparing our students in the best possible way to be successful in this futuristic era. STEM is a way of teaching children to become problem solvers in the most creative ways possible.

It’s time for us, as educators, to start letting the children be the engines behind their own learning and have faith in the future leaders of tomorrow!

@TeachMrChris Primary Teacher – Bangkok

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