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  • There is a huge gulf between staying well and living well.
  • When remote teaching, teachers must work harder to maintain the wellbeing baseline.
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Staying well has been the theme of the prior 12 months. With the third UK national lockdown currently in place, the primary objective of which is to keep the population virus free. However, there is a huge gulf between staying well in perpetual stasis and living well where the body, mind and soul are enriched.

While educators do their utmost to maintain the multifaceted benefits of in-school learning in the virtual setting, there are limits to the experience of remote learning, and wellbeing, on average, will have suffered through attenuated society interactions. Therefore, teachers must work harder to maintain the wellbeing baseline.

🔼UKEdChat After Hours Webinar, featuring guests Abbie Mann, with @ICTmagic hosting. See the links to Abbie’s book#Teacher5aDay on Twitter and Martin Reah and Lucy Kelly.

Because of this, in this #UKEdChat session which took place on Thursday 4th February 2021 at 8pm(UK) we have drawn on the ideas of Abigail Mann from her book Live Well, Learn Well, and Abigail joined the UKEdChat After Hours Webinar at 9pm to discuss her ideas and answer your questions. We discussed a range of wellbeing ideas for both the individual and whole school level, how to get started, and how to reach out beyond the school gate.


  1. How do you actively promote wellbeing in your classroom?
  2. What makes some students more resilient in respect to wellbeing?
  3. What is the minimum that teachers should do to improve or maintain the wellbeing of students?
  4. What ideas have worked well for you to improve the wellbeing of your class(es)?
  5. What wellbeing ideas have you tried which didn’t work for your learners?
  6. How can we improve wellbeing at the whole school level?
  7. Does better wellbeing of pupils improve the wellbeing of staff?
  8. What is your next step to improve the wellbeing of your learners?

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