Bringing the Local Area into Learning

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  • Both bring the local in or taking the learning out can yield treasures.
  • Taking the learning outside can impact positively the local community.
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Modern classrooms are often packed with all sorts of gadgets, files and resources, many of which, let’s be honest, go years between uses, and whose main function is to satiate the compulsive hoarding instinct which seems epidemic in the profession.

Yet there are many amazing resources just beyond the school gate.

The local area, and the people and placings within it, are often overlooked and under-appreciated by educators. Yes, we greatly appreciate the community for giving so much support in our schools, by listening to reading, clap at the appropriate time during the Christmas show, and buy toot from school fundraising stalls.

But the collective knowledge and experience of your local community will hold treasures which can be harnessed in your lessons.

In this #UKEdChat session which took place on Thursday 18th February 2021 at 8pm(UK) we discussed how to get to know your local area as an educator, the barriers to using the local area and how to overcome them, and what opportunities exist when using the experience of the local community in your lessons.


  1. How well do you know your school’s local area as an educator?
  2. How can the local area be used as a teaching resource when learning remotely?
  3. What particular places in your local area are good for augmenting learning in the classroom?
  4. What are the barriers (in normal times) for using the local area as an educational resource?
  5. Which successful examples of using the local area in your lessons can you cite?
  6. How can you draw on the expertise from the local area to augment your lessons?
  7. Should homework make greater use of the local area?
  8. How can the school have a greater impact on the local area to raise learning opportunities?

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