World Book Day 2021: Flipgrid sharing

On the 4 March 2021, Cornerstone CE Primary in Hampshire, like thousands of schools across the UK will be celebrating and promoting books and reading with their children. This year it will be celebrated remotely as schools will not be fully open to all children.

At Cornerstone we will be using Flipgrid to encourage children and staff to share a favourite book that they would recommend to others. As Flipgrid is an easy and accessible way of empowering pupil voice, we invite children and staff from other schools to share as well.

Which favourite children’s book would you recommend to others?

📚 Who is the author?
📚 Why is it such a good book?
📚 Which age would it be best for?
📚 How could persuade your friends to enjoy reading it?

Share your book and reasons in less than 2 minutes.

You can share your response either as an audio or video file on Flipgrid using this link: with the code being 27c8a5e6.

Please add your name in the Display name box as you would like it to appear, and the name of the book you are recommending in the Description box.

The children at Cornerstone and hopefully numerous other schools look forward to hearing your recommendations.

Thank you for sharing.

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