Reflections of the UKEdChat Online Conference #UKEdConf21

  • #UKEdChat session 547
  • The UKEdChat Online Conference had 80+ and over 24 hours of CPD
  • The diverse presenters spoke on classroom-based learning, special needs, leadership, well-being, professional development, inclusion, and much more.
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Something a little different this week. After 547 sessions looking out into the world of education, this time we are reflecting on our recent UKEdChat Online Conference, and what lessons attendees have gained. To take part, watch the conference via the live page, or the full 24 hours of presentations from the three days of broadcasts are archived on our Patreon page.

If you would like to reflect more on the conference, and complete an certified online course for you CV based on the conference presentations, find out more on the UKEdAcademy.


  1. What were your main take-aways from #UKEdConf21?
  2. What type of #UKEdConf21 presentations were or most interest to you?
  3. What you most excited to try out from #UKEdConf21?
  4. What was missing from #UKEdConf21, or what would you like to see more of?
  5. Which individual presentation and presenter did you get most from?
  6. How will you follow up your learning from #UKEdConf21, for example the course, watching replays, or something else?
  7. What could be improved about #UKEdConf21 for next time?
  8. If you presented something at the next #UKEdConf21, what would it be?

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