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  • Many teachers and students are feeling anxiety and the trauma from the pandemic
  • Have the schools, staff and students adequately taken in the enormity of the past year of Covid?
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The past year of the pandemic has been a shock to us all. But to others, it has been a whole lot more. Anxiety is on the increase and many people feel the trauma of isolation, lack of routine and a sense of grief over the loss of time, and in many cases, the loss of loved ones who have succumb to Covid.

While schools in the UK have been open throughout for child of key workers and those classified as vulnerable, most schools in the UK are now open to all. However, classes are still being asked to isolate at home due to Covid being detected, and many schools around the world are still working mostly remotely.

Have the schools, staff and students who have returned adequately taken in the enormity and taken steps to addressed the long-term well-being implications of the past year? What can schools which remain closed learn from the experience of schools which are now fully opened? Do the ‘covid-safe’ measures which have been deployed add to anxiety and stress?

In this #UKEdChat session, which took place on Thursday 22th April 2021 at 8pm(UK), and for the After Hours Webinar at 9pm we were joined by Megan Sweet to discuss well-being in the new normal, how teachers can build resilience, and how to get things back on track after a year that we never will forget.


  1. As teachers, how are you feeling, or how did you feel about returning to the classroom after such a long absence?
  2. How has teaching online transformed your approach to instruction?
  3. What skills/techniques that you gained online/teaching remotely do you plan to carry forward into in-person instruction?
  4. What impact of COVID-19 (and the mandatory isolation) are you most concerned about for your students?
  5. Attending to students’ social-emotional well-being will be important as we return to school. How do you plan to do it, or what have you been doing?
  6. Teacher self-care and well-being are also important as we reopen schools. How are you taking care of yourselves?
  7. What does learning loss mean to you?
  8. How have children thrived during this time? What has inspired you about your students this year?

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