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Thursday 13th May 2021

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  • In schools we teach to mitigate risk, but not so with social media
  • Teachers using social media for professional development continues to rise.
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One thing that has become increasingly clear over the past decade of social media is that is there are pros and cons. Yes, it has fundamentally undermined democracies around the world and made many people question reality and objective truth, but countering this, it has never been easier the find and binge cat videos.

Despite many new young (and not so young) educators coming into the profession as users of social media, it is still at the fringes of the educational landscape, and usually, something to combat rather than use to raise attainment. While the world at large, in business and politics, social organisations and charities are drawing on the power of networking to shout and also listen, educators remain conscientious objectors to direct use of social media for learning, despite a rising number of teachers using social media for their own learning.

Naturally, there are concrete challenges to using social media in the classroom – a major one being that the minimum signup age for many is 13 years of age. But perhaps a greater barrier is the worries of what might happen. In school cookery lessons we teach our pupils to keep them safe by talking about and then avoiding hazards. Yet with social media, we prefer to ignore it and this inevitably means that our students muddle through alone, outside a safe space and mentorless.

In this #UKEdChat session, which took place on Thursday 13th May 2021 at 8pm(UK) we discussed both the positives and negative of social media in education, how it can be used directly in lessons, how it can improve CPD, what are the possible pitfalls we need to prepare and/or educate our way around, and sharing your experiences of social media in education.

Alongside the usual text-based discussion, we will also hold an audio Twitter Spaces on this topic during the usual Twitter discussion. Look out for a tweet from @UKEdChat around 8pm(UK) inviting you to listen. If you are interested in taking one of the limited speaking spots, please get in touch with @ICTmagic via Twitter direct message before the discussion, or request to join during the audio chat.


  1. Which social media platforms do you use in education – either for CPD or directly in class?
  2. What positive experiences have you had using social media for educational purposes?
  3. Who/what do you recommend following for CPD? Who/what could might your learner’s follow for educational purposes?
  4. Should social media usage, rather than merely e-safety, be taught in schools? If so, what would be on your curriculum?
  5. Even if you have not tried it, how could social media be used to augment your lessons?
  6. What are your largest concerns about using social media in the classroom?
  7. On average, do you see social media as a force for good or ill in education? Why?
  8. What are the benefits of using social media in education?

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