The Role of Coaching in Schools & Colleges

Thursday 20th May 2021

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  • Coaching requires trust and clear communication.
  • Part of the coaching means knowing potential barriers that may be encountered.
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The idea of coaching and mentoring is ancient. We see this in the ancient Greek world, where a skilled master would develop the abilities of an apprentice to continue the craft for another generation. However, as Mickey Mouse shows us, it is not always plain sailing.

The most obvious example of coaching in modern times comes from the world of sports, where the coach, most often an athlete either past or present themselves, helps the inexperienced mentee to tap into the experience of the mentor, in the hope to bypass the pitfalls and take a shortcut to success. The key to the relationship is trust and communication.

So how can coaching be applied in the classroom setting? While teachers may not need to wipe the brow of a pupil with a towel, as seen in Rocky Balboa movies unless things on the playground get really out of hand, the coaching may include the physical, as well as the academic. Both the coach and learner need to know past progress, the current situation, where they are trying to get together, and what potential barriers may be encountered. But perhaps the most important factor is empathy and an understanding from the coach of what the learner is going through and someone who went through similar experiences themselves.

In this #UKEdChat session, which took place on Thursday 20th May 2021 at 8pm(UK) and the After Hours Webinar at 9pm we were joined by Bukky Yusuf to discuss how coaching can have an impact on educational outcomes, what good coaching looks like for both adults and young people, and what school environment and culture is conducive to successful mentoring in schools.

Alongside the usual text-based discussion, we will also hold an audio Twitter Spaces on this topic during the usual Twitter discussion. Look out for a tweet from @UKEdChat around 8pm(UK) inviting you to listen. If you are interested in taking one of the limited speaking spots, please get in touch with @ICTmagic via Twitter direct message before the discussion, or request to join during the audio chat. Currently only available on the Twitter app on iOS and Android devices.


  1. What are the key elements of good coaching?
  2. What are the common myths about coaching?
  3. How has coaching helped to develop you in your role?
  4. What challenges around coaching have you experienced?
  5. Is it ever possible to be coached by someone that line manages you?
  6. If you had a choice – would you choose to be coached by someone within your school or an external person?
  7. What qualities does a good coach need to have?
  8. If you could be coached by anyone, who would you choose?

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