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The Anxiety Workbook for Supporting Teens Who Learn Differently













  • This is a fantastically practical book offering a great set of resources and ideas to deal with anxiety in teens, especially for those who learn differently.
  • Clare and James share the same fundamental passion for working with all young people, especially when dealing with uncertainty and offering ideas on how to address anxieties.
  • Throughout, the book explores understanding uncertainty; understanding our own uncertainty; structure; sensory, and; social. Each chapter offers helping in understanding challenges faced by young people, along with explanations of specific learning difficulties and signposts to further reading and downloadable/photocopiable resources.
  • The main impetus of the book is centred around inclusion, ensuring that schools have the right support strategies in place, offering template ideas, subtle changes in teaching styles, and ideas to use with pupils to help them articulate what works for them when learning.
  • This is a comprehensive book that should guide schools and teachers to take the time to get to know the pupils who enter our classroom, and how we can respond positively for the benefit of everyone within the school community.

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The teenage years are associated with high levels of uncertainty and anxiety, compounded by academic and social demands, and physical and emotional changes. They can be especially tough for teenagers who learn differently.

This workbook contains a host of practical activities for teachers and other adults supporting young people with learning differences, whether at home or in the classroom. Drawing on their years of first-hand experience, and up to the minute research, the authors outline a trans-diagnostic framework for identifying what might be behind a student’s behaviour. They show how the first crucial step all practitioners must take is to work out what could be causing a teen’s feelings of anxiety or uncertainty, and how this can be addressed.

The activities in this workbook are organised into three sections, each addressing one of the three key areas where anxiety or uncertainty can be found: the structural, sensory and social domains. The tried-and-tested worksheets and activities present a much-needed alternative to a diagnosis-led approach. They can be used with any teenager, with or without a diagnosis, in classroom settings, intervention groups, or one to one work. The Anxiety Workbook will help you to really understand and address the needs of the SEN students you support, thereby improving their well-being, confidence and self-esteem and empowering them to get the most out of their education.

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