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  • cultural shift must occur were working in a healthy and sustainable way is encouraged.
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We all know one. That member of staff who humble brags that they are so busy and have so much on their To Do list – naturally this is because that are a very important person. Often, such behaviour can be highly detrimental to the team, either by making other teachers feel inadequate because they clearly are not as hard, or worse yet, crank up their commitments to unsustainable levels to try to match the rhetoric of the workload warrior.

Often the warrior mentality is celebrated in schools and held up as an exemplar. It is little wonder that turn-over of teachers is so high, and a cultural shift must occur were, far from over working being celebrated, working in a healthy and sustainable way is encouraged.

The idea of ‘working smarter’ is now a cliché, but for all the talk it simply isn’t happening in the teaching profession. 24 hour on-call email, working 6 days or more, and the ever decreasing home life make it impossible to switch off. Yet, if you want to have a long career in teaching, you have to prioritise, and do something unthinkable… saying ‘no’.

In this #UKEdChat session, which took place on Thursday 17th June 2021 at 8pm(UK) and the After Hours Webinar at 9pm we were joined by Vanessa Wears to discuss how to work less, how to prioritise and push back the encroachment of work on your home life.

Alongside the usual text-based discussion, we will also hold an audio Twitter Spaces on this topic during the usual Twitter discussion. Look out for a tweet from @UKEdChat around 8pm(UK) inviting you to listen. If you are interested in taking one of the limited speaking spots, please get in touch with @ICTmagic via Twitter direct message before the discussion, or request to join during the audio chat.


  1. How do you feel when you think about your schoolwork or look at your To Do list?
  2. What are the reasons you have so much to do? Think about this week, or a typical week.
  3. As there is more to do than time available, how do you choose what to do and not to do?
  4. What’s your strategy to manage your email?
  5. How do you recharge your energy during the working day?
  6. What limits do you impose on your evening and weekend work?
  7. What would the benefits be of working less? To you? To others? Your students? Your school? Your life?
  8. How do you acknowledge all the things you’ve achieved in the week?

Chat Participants:

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