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Equitable Education What everyone working in education should know about closing the attainment gap for all pupils













  • This is an important book exploring how schools can ensure that they are equitable setting, offering opportunities for all.
  • Sameena explores some communities who feel overlooked or excluded, offering strategies to raise attainment.
  • The book offers statistics, case studies and further links to resources to support potential marginalised groups.
  • Leadership within schools is also given attention, and research is explored in how leaders can ensure all within the community realise ambitions and aspirations.
  • The book is relevant for all school sectors, with a focus on the England education system, although the messages are relevant within all jurisdictions.

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What UKEdChat says about this book:

Schools are – and should be – diverse communities. Individuals coming from different backgrounds, different cultures, and facing their own different challenges to everyday life bring a magical tapestry of young people, all vying for their position in life and exploring opportunities to follow the paths of their dreams into adulthood. Mixing with different groups of people, and with the support of adults, allows young people to empathise, create new friendships or help understand what life is like in different cultures. A lack of knowledge of cultures brings ignorance, fear and ill-perceived opinions that can prove dangerous.

Sameena Choudry has focused on eight important equality aspects that educators need to be aware of to achieve equitability within the school system. Key terms, such as intersectionality, exclusion, segregation, integration, inclusion and diversity are introduced early on in the book and set the scene for the important chapters that follow.

The book offers statistics, signposts to other resources, and strategies and ideas to raise the attainment of all pupils, who are the focus of this book.

What the publisher says about this book:

Never has a book on social justice and equitable education been so relevant

Recent events have highlighted the huge attainment gaps that exist for many pupils within the education system because of factors outside of their control. As the diversity of the pupil population increases, it is more important than ever to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding within the teaching profession around issues of equality and inclusion. This book provides trainees and teachers with an in-depth understanding of the complex issues related to the attainment of key groups of disadvantaged pupils, and practical strategies that can be deployed to address these gaps.

Chapters focus on social class, gender, English as an additional language, minority ethnic achievement, gypsy, Roma and travellers, refugee and asylum seekers, and those with special educational needs and disabilities. The book takes a stark look at the evidence and statistics, provides an overview of the key issues and considerations for each particular group, and suggests key resources and examples of good practice, along with case studies and points for reflection. Ultimately it encourages you to have high expectations of your pupils and to truly believe that you can help them realise their ambitions and aspirations.

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