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  • The book offers a fantastic range of real-world school stories, showing how individual teachers have positively impacted on young people they taught.
  • Gary & Chris reflect on each of the 19 stories shared, highlighting the difference each individual made, and how the reader can change their practice to make a difference to individuals.
  • A top-ten collection of traits is highlighted within the conclusion, showcasing behaviours that teachers can adopt to ensure all students become active learners.
  • Is it nice to view how other teachers work, and this book does spotlight what happens in various school settings at different phases and in different parts of the UK.
  • The book celebrates the fantastic brilliance of 19 individual teachers, and although you may not be included, be assured that you are likely to be included within the narrative of young people who you have taught. This book also salutes you.

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Ours is truly a vocational occupation – it is more about what you can give, than what you can take from the job. Teachers are the backbone of many societies, and you will always remember how your favourite teachers made you feel, made you enthuse about a particular subject, and possibly be part of who you have become today. Teachers make a difference, and often that difference is life-changing.

In their new book, Gary Toward and Chris Henley take us behind the classroom doors of some (of the thousands) of inspirational teachers, who just quietly do their thing day-after-day helping to inspire young people to achieve their best. Throughout, the book looks at 19 cases where such a difference has been made and examine exactly what it was that made such an impact on the life of the young person – and they also highlight the key approaches that teachers might want to try out in their own classroom, with their own pupils.

This book celebrates the individual brilliance of a certain selection of 19 teachers, working in all kinds of educational settings. It celebrates these individuals from the most important point of view possible – that of the pupils whose lives were impacted as a result of how those teachers supported them and made them feel.

Among the 19 characters, you come across Messrs Hope, Erwin, Tweedy and Harvey. Each chapter unfolding biographical real-life school stories that inspire and show the greatness that the profession has to offer. The likes of Mrs. Malcolm are celebrated in the way she gave young people a confidence-boosting belief in themselves, where others really made individuals think they were good at anything. You encounter Mr. Du Mont who recognising the different learning requirements of his pupils and adapted his teaching in creative and engaging ways. Or, you come across Mr. Dee, who recognized the importance of building positive relationships with young people who may be described politely as ‘slightly wayward’, helping them to make choices and positive decisions that turn school journeys on their heads.

I am sure this book could be spread over many volumes, as the stories shared here are just the tip of an iceberg. What is nice is how Gary & Chris explore the difference these individuals made in the life of individual young people. These are not fictional stories, and it is nice to see the faces of those involved. With a final consideration, the book concludes with the ‘top ten traits of *that* teacher’, notably excluding data and official progress measures.

As you progress through the book, you may recognise similar incidents and characters in the stories – it is nice here to reflect on your own actions, and the possible impact your professional behaviours will have had on your students, whose own personal stories are likely to include you within the narrative.

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