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  • The life skills introduced to a 6-year-old are likely to be different from that of a 16-year-old
  • Developing life skills must be done in collaboration with parents and the learners themselves.
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All teachers know that education is more than teaching academic skills. Preparing our learners for life beyond the classroom is vital for their future prosperity. Yet with few firm requirements of most curricula to teach life skills beyond the academic, teachers must read between the lines and develop the skills required to promote fully functioning adults, in collaboration with parents and the learners themselves.

But each teacher, parent, and learner will have a different sense of what are important life skills. There are also timing considerations, as what you would introduce to a 6-year-old is likely to be different from that of a 16-year-old, and many skills stack upon previously learned skills.

In this #UKEdChat session, which took place on Thursday 22nd July 2021 at 8pm(UK), we discussed what are the most important life skills, how best to teach them, what considerations need to be made, and what life skills you wished you learned earlier in your life.


  1. What do you understand a life skill to be?
  2. What do you think are the most important life skills that you teach in your subject area or age group?
  3. What life skills should be taught in schools, but currently are not in many schools?
  4. Should more life skills be enshrined in National Curricula? If so, what should be added?
  5. What life skills were you taught at school that you’ve never used since?
  6. How has what is a life skill changed from when you were at school compared to now?
  7. How can teachers, who may have very different life experiences from their pupils, cater to the life skill needs of a diverse set of pupils?
  8. Should the acquisition of life skills be assessed? If so, how?

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