Active Learning: Using Sports and Sporting Events Across the Curriculum

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  • Sports and fitness draw on many disciplines and is cross-curricular by its nature.
  • Using sport as a ‘hook’ can help us out of a teaching rut.
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At the time of writing, the Tokyo Olympics is in full swing, following a high profile Euros football campaign. While PE and sports in schools will likely get a boost from televised sporting events, cross-curricular links can be more subtle, but fitness and an active lifestyle accompany many disciplines. From sports sciences to intrepid geographers exploring rugged terrain, engineers lifting heavy loads to the physicality of playing many musical instruments. Even poets wander lonely as a cloud from time to time.

Thinking beyond one’s immediate subject matter can help teachers get out of the yearly cycle of regurgitation and make one re-examine whether the lesson content is still as good as it can be. A big sporting event acting as a hook or stimulus can do just that.

In this #UKEdChat session, which took place on Thursday 5th August 2021 at 8pm(UK), we discussed how sporting events can stimulate learning, how we can support future athletes in our midst, and how the ideals of sport can build better school cultures.


  1. Have you used the Olympics as stimulus in your lessons? How?
  2. How can sport and fitness be used in your subject area?
  3. Should all subjects seek to improve the fitness of pupils wherever possible?
  4. How can sports coverage on TV or radio be used in your class to augment learning?
  5. How can ideas and features of sports and sports coverage be used to improve your lessons?
  6. How can big sporting events make a lasting legacy in our schools?
  7. How can teachers of all subject areas support the promising young sports people we teach?
  8. How can the ideals of sports and the Olympics be used to build a better and stronger school culture?

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