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Echt 1 Student Book (Echt 11-14 German)













  • A great resources supporting the introduction of German into MFL teaching, aimed at pupils in KS3 (11-14).
  • A great mix of exercises, audio resources and resources that can inspire creative teaching to support German language skills.
  • A scattering of colourful illustrations and photographs throughout the student book focus on many cultural aspects of Germany, helping pupils understand the wider context of the region.
  • The Grammar section towards the end of the book is a fantastic resource to support students get to grips with the structural language differences between German and English.
  • The Echt1 resources are fantastic for MFL colleagues who are introducing German to secondary school pupils. The resource gives a superb introduction to the language, and will give students the confidence they need to succeed.

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Embarking on learning a new language can be a daunting prospect for many of us. When that language is seemingly so unfamiliar, with additional letters and sounds, then that learning journey seems even more difficult. German, for many English-speaking people, is one such example where simple items can suddenly appear complicated – for example, a black forest gâteau becomes Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte. Similarly, getting used to ä, ö, ü, or ß can take some getting used to. Fortunately, the German language is mainly logical, and most words are pronounced as they are written.

As the German language has a formidable presence across Europe, teaching pupils the basics can lead to a good foundation. In the new Echt1 series (including Teacher Handbook, student book (reviewed), and Audio resources), Anneli McLachlan, Mariela Affum, and Marcus Waltl have created a dynamic resource to support pupils learn the basics of the German language, aimed at ages 11+.

With a colourful mix of exercises, explanations, and activities, the resource gently supports students into some of the basics of German, with fantastic illustrations, examples, and challenges. Alongside, the authors have also added examples that include aspects of German life, landscapes, and culture.

The resource is split into 6 units, all covering grammar, and vocabulary, as well as building linguistic competence. The authors are careful to ensure that nouns, the case system, adjectives, pronouns, verbs, and word order are given attention throughout, although the grammar section at the end of the resource proves to be a fantastic aide-memoire for students as they get used to the subtle differences from how the English language is structured.

As part of the review, the audio resources and teacher handbook were not accessed, but going from the student book alone, students and teachers will gain a great understanding of the German language and is a fantastic MFL resource that can be introduced into secondary schools.

*Price correct at time of review publication.

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