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Thursday 2nd September 2021

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  • Schools are at the heart of the community
  • Can the curriculum both meet local needs and be international focused?
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Schools are masters of using the resources on their doorstep. A school is at the heart of the community and the local community is integral to the ethos, culture, and smooth operation of any school. The square that teachers have to circle is that while teachers must adapt their lessons to the needs of the community, the curriculum must be outward-looking and international. Long gone are the days where most people lived and died in the same parish in which they were born.

Educators must seize upon what makes the local area special and unique, and teach to the individual strengths and experience of the members of the communities and classes in which they teach. With so many different backgrounds and life experiences in each and every class and cohort, no one pupil will have an upbringing quite like yours and the majority will be vastly different. Yet the one thing that binds your school together is that they live in the area around the school right now, whether that has been the case until recently or will continue to be going forward.

In this #UKEdChat session, which took place on Thursday 2nd September 2021 at 8pm(UK), we discussed how to use your school’s locality to your advantage in lessons, how to build stronger community partnerships, how to adapt to the local while looking to the global, and what other teachers need to know about your local area.


  1. Describe the location of where your school is situated. What view can you see from your classroom window?
  2. How do you attempt to adapt your lessons and teaching to specific local needs?
  3. How can teachers adapt to the local, but focus on the global?
  4. How can teacher mitigate disadvantages and build upon brought about by the location of the school and its community?
  5. How can our leaders promote teachers from all backgrounds to better represent all local areas, and to promote diversity everywhere?
  6. How has technology changed how we think about local education?
  7. How can teachers and schools promote pride in the local area?
  8. What makes your local area special? What should other teachers know about in your local area?

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